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Notes on moving your domain name
  1. It is not a requirement for you to 'move' or 'transfer' your domain name to our Domain Name Services if you are signing up for a web hosting account. You only need to replace the name servers in your domain name registration with our name servers, as mentioned in our Domain Transfer instructions.
  2. In order to ensure uninterrupted service for your domain name, name server assignments are not automatically updated when you transfer the domain name to our Domain Name Services. If we will host this domain name and you are transferring it to our Domain Name Services, please follow these steps:
    1. Sign Up for your web hosting account.
    2. Once you receive your account information sheet from us, upload your files to your new web site, set up your email users, and then update the current registration for this domain name to assign our name servers.
    3. Once that update is working properly, then proceed to transfer the domain name to our Domain Name Services:
  3. Before attempting to transfer a domain name to our Domain Name Services, it is imperative that the email address be working properly for the Administrative Contact in the current registration. This email address will be sent messages with instructions on how to authorize the transfer, for both the current and new registrars. Please contact the current registrar if you are unable to update this email address, as each registrar has its own update instructions for its domain name registrations.
  4. It generally takes 3-5 days for a domain name move to complete, but it can take up to 10 days. For this reason, please ensure that you move your domain name at least 2 weeks before the registration expires.
  5. Please wait at least 45 days after you renew a domain name registration before moving that domain name. You should also check the expiration date to ensure that the renewal has been applied to your domain name's registration. Some registrars fail to apply updates properly, and may refuse to acknowledge the renewal and refuse to refund your renewal fees, if you attempt to transfer your domain name to another registrar within 45 days of when it was renewed.
  6. When you transfer your domain name you should not expect a refund from the current registrar. Rather, an additional year will be added to your domain name's registration. The fee for this additional year is paid to us when you transfer your domain name, and is charged at our special transfer rate.
  7. Domain Names cannot be moved if they are currently expired, on hold, in dispute, or have been registered or transferred to another registrar within the past 60 days. Furthermore, if your current registrar has locked your domain name (either by default or per your request), you must first remove the transfer lock option from your domain name before attempting to transfer the domain name to our Domain Name Services.

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