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Register or Transfer Your Domain Name
You can register a new domain name by entering it into the form below and clicking on the 'Check Domain Name:' button. The domain name that you enter will be checked for availability, and allow you to proceed with the registration if the current status is available.

To register multiple domains at once under one profile:

Alternatively, if you already have a registered domain name and you wish to enjoy the benefits of our Domain Name Services, enter that domain name below and then click the 'Move Domain Name:' button. To familiarize yourself with the domain name transfer process, please read the steps outlined below.

Click here to transfer multiple domains at once under one profile.

Domain Name Transfer Steps
  1. Read the notes on moving your domain name before proceeding with this action.
  2. Ensure that the Administrative Contact email address is currently valid:
    If necessary, update the email address at the current registrar, and wait for this new information to show in WhoIs before submitting your request. Updates normally take from 24 to 48 hours.
  3. Submit your domain name for transfer using the form above. Complete and submit the necessary information on the resulting pages, including your payment authorization form.
  4. Once we receive payment authorization, we will submit the request to the registrar, and you will receive an email message (sent to the Admin contact of the domain name's current registration). Authorize the transfer by following the instructions in that message.
  5. Once you authorize the transfer it will be processed. Note that at this point the current domain name registrar will most likely send you an email message, and you must authorize the transfer with them by following the instructions in their message.
  6. Once you authorize the transfer with the current registrar, the transfer will be completed and you will receive another email message confirming that the transfer has been completed.

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